Michael Rieber, MD

Doctor of Medicine & Orthopedic Surgeon located in Toms River, NJ

About Dr. Rieber

Dr. Daniel Fox and COSM were privileged to welcome Dr. Michael Rieber in 2018. Dr. Rieber has been practicing in Livingston, NJ for more than 15 years and is recognized as one of the New Jersey Top Docs in orthopedic surgery. Dr. Rieber was the director of Joint Institute at St. Barnabas Medical Center and is an assistant team physician for the New Jersey Devils, New Jersey Red Bulls professional soccer team, as well as Newark Bears baseball team.

Dr. Rieber performs all types of orthopedic surgery focusing on sports medicine on athletes of all types. He performs complex orthoscopic procedures throughout the body, focusing on shoulders and knees. Dr. Rieber sees patients at COSM and does procedures at the Physician Surgery Center, both located in Toms River, New Jersey. 

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Insurances Accepted

We accept many insurances. For those insurances that we do not accept, we will work with your out of network benefits if available or make arrangements if possible. Please request an appointment and we will have one of our staff members contact you to verify insurance.